Tag: Poetry

A Tapestry

An amalgam I am, of the laughter and the tears from the years gone by, of love, of hope, of dreams from the years to come, a tapestry I am, weaved together by threads of my past and the future to come. pc:Pixabay Advertisements

Broken Seams

She is melancholy, she is my joy, tried I have, to mend, to sew back the broken seams of her heart. A heart that was shattered many summers ago. Alas! I have failed, My love was never enough for there she withers away, a…

A Whiff

In that noisy market, amidst the heady concoctions, of colours and hues, of sights and smells, of cacophony and chaos, all I heard was silence, all I got was a whiff of roses and you.

The Great Oak

That great oak in my grandma’s garden my long lost friend, For many a summer evening I spent her leaves rustling a gentle music As a dreamy me weaved dreams. Years hence, here we stand The great oak and I, she looks at me…

A New Year Slides In

A Cuckoo Came Calling

Holding broken pieces of me, I sat on my balcony a summer arvo pondering about love and life wondering where had I gone wrong and then a cuckoo came calling. She made herself home, confident sure of herself, unlike me. And then she sang…

That Universe

Sometimes in the midst of chaos, I hear a silence that speaks to me that whispers of things that could be of the magical places that await me of strangers who do not yet know me. Sometimes, in the road full of people that…