Tag: microfiction

Afternoons of my Childhood

On many a sunny afternoon at Grandma’s home, with cousins, partners in crime, I remember tiptoeing to the warm mango pickle jars full of oil shimmering in the lazy sun. As grandma slept, we would steal some and scamper away to our hiding place…

The Temptress

Sometimes, during the day, the storm inside of her threatens to break loose the demons crouching in the abyss of her heart. She swallows the fire raging within, locks it in with lips as red as the blood surging inside. And then she wears…

A Parting

As the sun slices the darkness, they kiss goodbye, yet again. Light is a bitter truth the dew drop and the rose face each day.

Hope in Darkness

A thousand moons have gone by, but the smell of her lingers, filling the nights with a fragrance of hope. A hope that grows, never fades, even in the face of darkness that otherwise shrouds his life.He does not remember much nowadays, life is…

The Shimmering Sky

The little girl gazed out of the car window at the orphanage becoming smaller. And then the evening sky caught her eye.  It was lit with streaks of gold dust. It sparkled as the shimmering strips of light seemed to fall on the dark…

The Other Woman

She watches on as he cuddles up with the other woman.He will pay, thinks she. With some extra kisses, once grandma hands him back.

Not The End

She could hardly contain her excitement. She would soon meet her husband. The old woman’s face crinkled into a smile as she looked at those crying around her deathbed. Fools!  This was not the end, it was a new beginning.