When The World Became Bright Again

A moment frozen in time
when all the love the world is made of
converged into my heart,
making it grow and grow
till it almost burst.

A baby in my arms,
all my dreams come true.
A tiny hand holding mine,
a prayer answered.

Invincible, unalloyed, unbound happiness flowing through my veins, throbbing,
The world now could hold nothing else.

Life screeched to a halt, I breathed
the fresh scent of new life, and I saw
the years ahead, of tears and snot,
of gurgles, giggles and what not.

My second chance, to dream, to love,
wings regrown to soar high again.
Beauty in a bundle to behold
Joy packed in a tiny parcel
The world had become bright again.


The Broken Crayons

As usual, the day has fallen short of time. She had so much to do; she couldn’t get to all of it. A day full of mistakes. She is exhausted as she moves about the house, switching off lights, picking up toys. And then she steps on them. Crayons.

All shades of colour in a bright green pack. And she has stepped on the box, breaking, it seems, all of them. She bends and takes the crayons out, spreading them on the dining table.

The broken crayons lie there, broken and tired. So much like her.

She stares at them, her mind -which always seems to be in in a rush thinking of the things to do and things that have been done- seems to slow down. She picks one of the broken crayons and scribbles on the table. It still colours. She tries the next one, and then the next one. They colour too.So much like her.

She smiles. Yes, she has colour left in her too. Life cannot take that out of her. Tomorrow will be a new day.

She carefully puts the crayons back inside the pack. The broken crayons that still hold myriad colours. So much like her.

You Are Still Here

Its been a while since you have gone,
yet, all I know is that you are still here.
Wasn’t that you, in the air today
that smells like musk,
sandalwood and and you?
And as I take a walk in the woods,
where the trees are rustling
as if whispering my name,
sure I am, that it is you.

In nights so lonely, as I fight to sleep,
it is you who lulls me back to dreams.
And in the day, as I go about,
doing things that I need to,
I suddenly sometimes burst into laughter,
at a joke you told me in the past.

Indeed, you are everywhere I know,
your soul enveloping my universe
walking with me as I live on,
loving me still, holding me still.


From sorrow stems my strength,

Pain I transform to hope

And a joy I become,

A woman I am.

When I Saw You

When I saw you, my heart ripped apart
and rearranged into something new
something that looked like love,
a shape that looked like hope.
You are the reason I am, my child,
else, this world had lost its shine,
you have brought back its gloss
and reshaped me into me again.

That Summer

It was the summer of possibilities
of hopes that filled the heart,
of dreams that strained to come true,
of joy that was smug and proud.

Youth can be foolish, I knew not then,
invincibility a mirage, I knew not then,
hopes, frail,a dried leaf, I knew not then,
broken I was when ended that summer.

It was the summer of pain and loss,
of pieces of me mixed with sweat,
of nursing a broken heart and penning
songs of betrayal and disbelief.

Those long afternoons, friends and guitar,
The sweet lemonade ma made,
did little to wipe off the bitterness,
A friend that had come to stay.

It was the summer I grew up
when naive me I buried and let go
When I stopped believing in hopes
and started trusting the darkness.
A foe was that summer and yet
t’was a summer to remember.

Will Love Stay?

Love arrives, raw and simple
bringing along cousins
questions and complexities.
Will love stay, will it grow?
Or with time, wither, will it?

You step into the unknown,
love rendering you fearless,
You believe that it will all be roses,
dreaming of a happily ever after.

Oh, my dear, blundering fool!
Your love is to be tested and tried
and tempered and tossed,
each corner measuring its strength
each turn assessing its value.

You want to give up, you are tired
Yet, you decide to cling on,
for you believe in your heart,
you believe in being together.

And then one day, the sun comes out,
and up there somewhere, God smiles,
At last, at the end of the last blow
and the last bump, it hits you.

Suddenly, you know, overcoming
tempests, turns and twists,
you know, now, this love is forever,
it is to stay, come what may.