A Love Affair

Enid Blyton was the one who started it. A little girl was transported into enchanted forests and beautiful landscapes of the English Countryside. She sat with Noddy in his taxi and cruised through all the troubles he got to, whooshed in the Wishing Chair to many an adventure along with Mollie and Peter. She climbed up the Faraway Tree, met MoonFace and Silky and was transported to magical lands. She then met and became part of a group called the Famous Five and went on mysterious adventures. As she  grew up, she joined the Mallory towers and St. Clares girls on their midnight feasts and played pranks and made friends.

To cut a long story short, Enid Blyton was the one who ignited a passionate affair between books and me.Many Years, hundreds of books and authors later, the love story continues.

But now I take on a different role, a role of penning down tales, small in size but, I hope big in meaning.

And in between, I will share snippets of my life in blogs categorized as “Life and I”.

A start of a journey that I am sure will make me fall in love even more with the written word- if that is possible.