Category: Poetry

The Big City

The skyscrapers creep in as I walk the alleys, Are the friends or foes? Is the big city about to swallow, devour me? Like it got to my dreams? With a bag full of hopes I had arrived, wow, said I This is where…

The Crimson Skies

The skies are crimson today the shade of my heart. The rivers cry, the mountains wail, mourning what I cannot.


Of musk and wood and hope you smelled, the whiff of you took my breath away. You stood there without a care, And didn’t give me a second glance. Adonis unaware of his Aphrodite. The unkind years have failed to drown the longing, Sometimes,…

My Twinkling Friend

The loneliness of the night is cut short by a twinkling friend. Pinned to my window, proud of itself, unafraid of the looming clouds, it whispers to me, Darkness is just but a chance to shine.

The Lone Farmer

The skies open up Manna showers from heavens, its cracked edges melting, the parched earth turns supple In the middle of the fields there, a lone farmer stands in happiness he soaks a prayer he mouths, a gentle rumble echoes as someone acknowledges.

The Stars Tonight

The stars are in abundance tonight, struggling for a space in the sky The moon’s marks smooth, silky beaming a silky ethereal light. The trees rustle, parting ways You walk in, shimmering in silver into the light, into my heart and the universe chimes…

The White Eagle

**The White Eagle ** The white eagle flies high, making the azure skies her home. The wind caresses her wings the white clouds jealous of her feats Yet, she looks longingly below, The hazy green earth beckoning. All she wants is some rest in…