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The Unicorn

A unicorn on my daughter’s face, a piece of face painting that I love, for in her young heart, she believes in unicorns, in magic , in dreams. The unicorn will be gone in a day but I hope in her heart it will…


From sorrow stems my strength, Pain I transform to hope And a joy I become, A woman I am.

The Reminder Called Nature

The seasons are are a great reminder of the things that really matter. When the final sun of the summer sets, it reminds us of warm days and the cool sea breeze of the evenings and the shade of that big oak tree in…

Books That Stay with you Forever

Books are my lifeline. A voracious reader, I have never been able to quench my thirst for reading. Saving pocket money as a child and requesting people to give the equivalent money instead of birthday presents, I would rush to this cozy old book…

My Story of Love

Love rediscovered

Falling in Love, Again

A difficult childbirth, a foreign country with no family. That is how our parenthood journey began. All nights when I soothed my colicky baby, it was my husband who stood there with me late till morning came; everyday when he came back from a…

My sleeping baby

As I look at my sleeping baby, I m awestruck, yet again -at her beauty, at life and at being the person I have become. I was a career woman and someday maybe I will resume being one, maybe  I will learn to re-love…

God in the Child

A Love Affair

This is the excerpt for your very first post.