We are now welcoming guest posts in “Fiction in a Flash”. Calling for Original works of fiction/prose/poetry !

Selected works will be published in our FB page, Instagram and Twitter pages as well as our website

Please note the guidelines below:

1. Material submitted should be original and in English only. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited.

2. The submission must not exceed 500 words.(the title of the piece is exclusive of the word limit).

3. Fiction in a Flash reserves the right to publish/reject the submission.

4. Along with the submission, a short bio of the writer/blog links etc can be provided.

5. No photos with the submission allowed. Fiction in a Flash reserves the right to add photos to the submissions.

6. Usage Rights: By submitting your work, you have agreed to allow us to publish it on the following platforms belonging to “Fiction in a Flash” :

1. FB Page

2. Instagram

3. Twitter

4. Fiction in A Flash website.

However, your story will be duly attributed to you across all platforms and on all mediums.

Please submit at OR email us at

Please do NOT submit via FB messages as they will remain unmonitored.

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