The sweet nothings of the star struck lovers made me smile, the romance of the newly weds made me blush. Those first baby steps still reverberates in my soul.

I have seen it all. The fights, the love, the hate. I have chuckled at those bad TV shows you loved. The delicious smells from the kitchen, I have soaked in-I think I smell like the curries, the paellas, the baklavas, the barbequed ribs even now.

And I smell of you, of the families that made a home in me, of the families that grew, and those that sometimes, sadly became smaller.

Oh, the birthdays I celebrated with you and the mad parties I tolerated. The successes that made me proud, the failures that I helped you bear.

Your fights made me cringe, the hate that you spewed in that spur of that moment crushed my soul. But when you made up, I knew love owns a greater space in your hearts. And that made my heart grow big too.

I am the blend of so many of you, I am, in myself, a book not written. I am not made of bricks, but of stories untold.

I am the house you lived in, the one you called home, albeit just for sometime.