Who’s next?

The frail man, ravaged by time, duped by life, lies in the makeshift bed of tattered clothes, staring at the roof.

Today it is studded with just the tiny little dots, trying their best to cast a glow on the earth below, soldiers trying hard to hold the fort in the absence of their leader.

He finally shuts his eyes.

In the darkest of nights, the deepest of wounds open up. With no moon to shine its light,the pain creeps out of the recesses.

And it forces him to open up the path to his past.

Homeless. Thats what they call him now. But not long ago, he was what society called a ‘respectable man’. His mind conjures up the image of his home, his business, and the wife who left him. A woman he still pines for.

One day, life was good. The next day all went wrong.

A wrong decision, a failed business, bankruptcy- blow after blow life had handed him and before he could recover, he had lost everything.

The wife left, friends disappeared, family turned their backs.

He opens his eyes again. The pain is relentless.

He stares at lights going out in the houses on the street, imagining goodnight kisses, prayers for a better tomorrow and a naive belief that life will remain the same.

He wipes away a lone tear. And smiles. A knowing smile.

Who knows who is next.

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