She is a thousand slivers of broken light.
A shimmering illusion that I can’t catch.
Love, I do, the mirage that is she,
A dream I cling on to, a light I cannot yet see.

At nights, the moon whispers to me,
that somewhere she awaits,
holding a light to fill my darkness
The moon laments that she is brighter,
And her aura blinds him too.

As I walk and hunt for her,
walking empty streets full of men,
but devoid of souls.
The sun angrily tears my skin,
Screaming that she is as fierce as him.

I do not know what I am looking for,
Eluded, she has me till now,
But find her, I will, I have to,
For in those thousand broken rays
That are her, I will find me,
in her, I will shine.