Nature Heals…

As I sit on the balcony,
the landscape demands a smile.
The solemn hills try to lift,
the blanket of sadness I adorn.

The curves of the mountains,
the whispering pines,
seem to hold a message,
from the future I know not yet.

A message that love awaits,
Tidings of faith and hope.
The gurgling stream nearby,
seems to wash away my tears.

The single hut that sits alone,
signals to me that it stands proud,
that it is content in itself, with itself.
and asks me why am I not?

The cool breeze enters and heals
my soul and the cracks
that can barely hold my heart.
I sigh, I shed the last drop of tear.

A single leaf glides towards me,
And nestles in my lap.
a gift from the scenery,
a ticket to move on,
a symbol of hope.

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