Can you smell happiness? That divine scent of freshness, of some sun and dew mixed together to create a heavenly concoction?
I can smell happiness, in that baby’s giggle, in that first rush of love, in that bird singing, in that first payslip.

And what about hope? Do you get a whiff of hope sometimes?
A perfumed rose essence mixed with some woody musk? I smell hope in a marriage proposal, in a toddler’s first step, in that fresh gust of wind, in those sunrises.

Hmm, what about sorrow?
Alas, sadness has no smell. It is just void, a black hole. I see that blackness in a broken heart, in a homeless man, in a stray dog, in a drooping flower.

And what about love?
Oh, that fascinating, beautiful love. That can be touched, felt and that tingles your senses? That baby’s touch, that lover’s kiss, mom’s food, home.
And a fragrance like no other-Persian perfumes, honey, dew and wet earth stirred and spread in one’s being! How beautiful is that!

So come on, feel, touch and soak in the different fragrances of life!