You Are Safe

She clutched the baby close to her as she made her way out of the house, slowly and quietly. The hurriedly packed bag was light, so was the baby. Her steps became faster as she walked through the narrow lanes of the village. It was dead of the night, even the stray dogs did not bother to bark at her. 

She was becoming tired, after all, she had delivered her baby just 2 days ago. But it was another 20 mins walk to the train station. She held the baby tighter, determined to make it.

As the late night train was about to pull out, she arrived, puffing, out of breath.

She got into the last compartment and shuffled to the window seat and as the train started to move slowly, she stared at the dark world outside, willing the train to move faster. And it did. It was soon chugging along, swiftly, leaving the village behind.

Two hours into the journey, she started breathing more easily. She held her baby close, kissed her forehead and as the first rays of the sun creeped into the carriage, she whispered to her baby girl,
“You are now safe, my angel.”

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