When the clouds take over the sun and the world descends into a darkness, gloomy and dark, I sneak through the cracks of your heart.

You squirm and sweat, toss and turn but cannot sleep. For I poke deep in your heart, stirring emotions that you had thought you buried for good. 

I am gentle at first, desiring not to overcome you. But then, as the floodgates of love open, I hit you with all my being. And I force you to look back. Back to those days when you loved and lived. When she belonged to you.

You cannot sleep, you cry with pain and loss. All because of me. But I am because you made me. You let her go, you had different priorities.
You fool! You had thought you would find better.

I haunt you because you created me.
I am the memory of her.
The one you lost.