The Reminder Called Nature

The seasons are are a great reminder of the things that really matter.
When the final sun of the summer sets, it reminds us of warm days and the cool sea breeze of the evenings and the shade of that big oak tree in the park. And it tells us to be our own sunshine, to be that cool breeze and to shower love. Like that big oak tree.

When we walk through the the golden path of fallen leaves, the departing autumn air whispers to us, as it whizzes past, to rise from our failures and to build new dreams if old ones break, much like that barren tree that will sprout new life soon.

When we snuggle under the sheets on cold wintry mornings, when we find heaven in a glass of hot chocolate, the peeking sun through the fog reminds us to hold our close ones in our warmth and to help the less fortunate in need of warmth and food and that hot chocolate.

And when we take in the fragrance of the lilies and the daffodils and the roses in spring, the brightness of the world reminds us to to celebrate and cherish each moment in life. 

And it tells us that life is indeed a riot of colours. 

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