I hold her, soft as satin,
beautiful as the moon,
pristine as clear waters
on a sunny day,
She is purity,
She is joy.

I smell her,
the vanilla scent in her neck,
the fresh roses in her breath,
she is purity,
she is joy.

In the delicate knot of her soul
she holds me
she can make me or shatter me,
she is my power, she is my surrender
she is purity.
she is joy.

I look into her eyes,
the green of her iris,
the blue of her whites,
I see a dead coldness.

She is a beauty,
With a stone in her chest,
she is my Eris,
in her I find my peace
and my war.

I love, I burn,
I love more, scathed though I am,
for she is that,
she is my purity,
she is my joy.