The Mirror Image

“I look at my mirror image.
What do they see in her that I do not.
The world worships the person I see. They go on and on about how charismatic she is, how kind she is, how beautiful she is.
But what I see is a cruel soul and a body devoid of a heart.
And my childhood flashes in my mind. My missing things, my favourite dress lying torn and cut, my pet hamster poisoned, my mom yelling at me for the things I hadn’t done.
All because of her. No one saw anything wrong with her. Only I did.
And as I grew up, she became more and more controlling, and I, a slave.
But now, I can take it no longer. She drove him away, my boyfriend. The last two months with him were blissful. And then he started avoiding me for no reason.
I had tasted love for the first time and it had felt like heaven. But…
I look at her for the last time, before I slash her wrist.”

Days later, as a foul smell emanates from one of the row houses, terrified neighbours call the police.
Investigations into the death of a young woman lead to the conclusion that it was suicide.
Her parents give an emotional testimony at the inquest, saying they had always suspected that she had some kind of multiple personality disorder but alas, had never sought help.

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