Death of Love

She realises she no longer loves him. And it hurts. The loss of love hurts physically. Her heart sinks, she feels numb, lost.She sits for hours, staring at nothingness, but in her mind’s eye, the years flash by and she tries to diagnose the hidden cracks in bygone moments, cracks from where the love seeped out.

Was it when he no longer kissed her when he came home? Was it when her heart no longer skipped a beat when she saw him in a day’s stubble? Or was it when they could find nothing to talk about in the lazy evenings?

She cannot identify that precise moment. 

She knows that every time they chose not to show affection, not to appreciate the other, not to hold hands, not to respect one another, love was stifled and it started looking for an escape.

As she stares into nothingness, the hollow in her heart where love had been, weighs her heart, makes it heavy and she cries, mourns, grieves for the death of love.

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