She sat on the vacated beach, the darkness that shrouded her heart holding more storm than the black menacing clouds slowly eating the horizon, the sea. A drizzle faded the world, determined but too light to wash her off the throbbing pain in her heart.
She was an ordinary girl, with no extraordinary hopes, just a desire for a beautiful home, built on love and trust. She thought. And she had built it, along with the love of her life. The one for whom she had made too many sacrifices along the way.
A home that had easily come crashing down a few hours ago when destiny had urged her to come home early from work. She had witnessed her husband making love to her best friend. In their bed. 

There she had stood peering through the half open door, looking, thinking. They did not hear her leave, go to the kitchen, pour herself a drink.

She let out a bitter laugh. The look on their faces when she had returned were almost comical. She would have had a good chuckle had that been a scene in a movie.

But this was real life. Her life.

She looked at the knife beside her. The rain was washing away the blood on it.

She slowly got up, flung the knife towards the sea and then followed it, walking towards the darkness approaching her, the sea slowly, greedily gulping her.

The rain now had become strong enough; big drops making her tears their own.
And finally, the sea, her.

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