The Intuition 

The woman was becoming suspicious. Since the last few months, her husband had regularly started coming home late from office. Late night meetings, calls, new responsibilities-these were the reasons he always gave her.
Text-book excuses. Maybe he was having an affair. But then, she had always been the jealous and suspicious sort. She had broken up with her college boyfriend for the same reason. 

“I must stop myself from having these negative thoughts”, she rebuffed herself. “He is a good man, a hard working man”.

But old habits die hard. She sometimes checked his phone, sniffed his shirts, sifted through his pockets. Nothing.

Yet, she just could not shake off the feeling of unease, that intuition that something was wrong.

One day, when she received another text that he would be late again, she decided to check. She placed a call to his office late evening.

“Oh, ma’am, he left on time today”, came the receptionist’s reply.

She was rendered speechless, shocked, heart-broken.

An hour later, the husband came home to his teary wife.

“Who is she? You were not in office, you left on time..”.

“Whoa, whoa! Hold on. What do you mean who is she?”

“You lied! It is a woman that you went to meet, of course!”.

Livid, her husband stomped across the room, opened and rummaged through his briefcase pulling out a tiny, red box.

He flung it at her. 

“I went to buy this for you! I have been coming so late, so wanted to make up for the lost evenings… I went a long way downtown to the jewellery shop that I heard is the best, just to get you this…And you..”, he stopped, too choked, too hurt to say anything.

She slowly opened the box to find a dazzling diamond ring.

“Oh, I am sorry, I…I don’t know what came over me, I should have asked you first…”, she stammered as she rushed to her husband.

They hugged for a long time.

“Trust is very important, my love”, said her husband.

“I am sorry..Never again…”, muttered she, burying her head in his chest. 

That night, after his wife was sound asleep, he crept into the bathroom and sent a text.

“Thank God, your birthday is next week. I lost your gift, but I still have time to buy you another. More details when we meet. Good night, my love.”

He then deleted the sent text.

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