The Birthday Gift

His wife’s birthday coming up, he roams around the mall, the expensive shops to find that perfect gift. Maybe a Louis Vuitton Bag, or that Chanel perfume she loves. No, he will get those pair of Gucci sunglasses so hot right now.And then he stops. He thinks. He has a better idea.

At the stroke of midnight, he wishes her the world’s happiness. Then he goes out and rolls in an old projector, focuses on the wall opposite the bed, switches off the lights. The wall lights up, the reel starts rolling.
Image after image zooms in, zooms out, her favourite song in the background. She as a baby, as a toddler out on a picnic with her parents, her kindergarten photos, her first tennis match, her first trophy, her high school prom night, she waving her first job offer letter, their wedding pics, their first vacation, her tipsy smile on their anniversary.
And at the end, a blown up pic of hers with the words-” A magical life lived by a magical person. Happy Birthday.”
Beside him, she is shedding silent tears. A five minute movie, so many happy memories of a life well led.
She leans in and kisses him. And between tears, says “Best Gift ever”.

He smiles. Gucci, Chanel, Louis Vuitton – beat that.

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