Love Awaits

It was her sadness that had drawn him towards her. He wanted to engulf that sorrow, to fill the void with joy.But she hardly noticed him. He was just another colleague she occasionally smiled at. 

The smile that always took his breath away.

She was oblivious of the love that followed her in those aisles of the office, in the bus, in the cafeteria.

One day, he walked up to her.

“It is time you notice that happiness awaits,that I await”.

Those abrupt words. And she saw him, really saw him for the first time. 

But her love was spent. She was still nursing a broken heart from a broken marriage. 

“I do not know how to love anymore”, she answered.

“Like I said, I can wait”.

So he did. A year went by. And another. Till one day, she went to him.

“I am ready for happiness. And you”.

And she smiled. 

The smile that still took his breath away.

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