A Prayer Answered

It was a summer day, long and sweaty as summer days are. The flies buzzed around the little girl as she searched the dry cracked ground, probing with her small hands.

“What are you doing?”, asked her father, his skin as dry as the earth. The drought had hit the whole village hard and the farmers like him could do nothing but watch the crops dying bit by bit. They had requested the government for tube wells and other help, but none came.
“Trying to catch two frogs”, answered the little girl. “Grandma says if we marry off two frogs, the rain will come”.

“That is a stupid old wives’ tale, my child, don’t pay heed”, laughed her father.

But still, he joined his daughter to catch the frogs. More to hold on to some hope than to indulge her.

They caught two frogs and together, the whole family- the little girl, her ma and papa, and grandma performed the ceremony of marrying off two very reluctant frogs. The ritual over, the frogs scampered off.

That night, the girl gazed at the starry night.

She willed , prayed that the rain would fall.
The rain did not. 

But the next day, a number of trucks drove up to the village.

They carried tubewells and different equipment for digging and creating reservoirs.

Over the next few months, the ground water was dug up, the reservoirs filled with water for the whole village to use, the fields glistened with water, the crops began to thrive.
“Papa,you were right, it was a stupid old wives’ tale. We married off two frogs, but the rain did not come”

“No, my child, it did,albeit differently”.

He added, holding the girl close, his eyes moist.

“Remember this- Sometimes God answers your prayers in a different way. But, he always answers it. Always”

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