Patchwork of Love

The old woman sat on an old rocking chair in her porch. She was waiting for her eldest grand-daughter to take her to a dentist’s appointment.
It was her birthday. But no one in her big family had called her up. She listened to the silence of the house. The house where once the sounds and chatter of little children and grand-children reverberated. Now all of them were grown-ups, had their own lives. Who would bother remembering the birthday of an old woman like her. She sighed and tried not to cry.

Her grand-daughter, Elsie arrived.
“You should not have booked the dentist’s appointment, my teeth are fine”.
“You sound cranky, grandma!” Elsie said.
“No, it is just that you all are so busy, I don’t want to be a bother”, sulked her grandma.
“Haha, you are cranky!”, laughed Elsie.
Her loving grandmother, for whom she had had a beautiful childhood. Oh how she loved this sulky old woman!
“You look too happy,have you decided to leave that ass of a husband you have?”, grumbled her grandma.
“He is not an ass, Grandma, and he really loves you”, Elsie chuckled.
“Well, I don’t love him, or anyone for that matter”, came the retort.
“I know, I know”.

They turned around the corner and parked in front of a party hall.
“This is no doctor’s clinic”, the sharp old woman said.
“Yes, I just need to run an errand,but you will have to come with me”, said Elsie, helping her out of the car.

Taking her grandma’s arm, she led her to the door and flung it open.
“Happy Birthday to you, Happpyy Birrthdday to you!!!”
There stood in the hall,her huge family, her children, her grandchildren, the great grandchildren, friends and family.
“You thought we forgot, right? You must be growing a bit senile, Grandma”, whispered Elsie.
“Senile, my foot! ” said the old woman.
And she burst into tears.
As everyone hugged her, wished her and kissed her, her tears dried up and her old face wrinkled up to form a radiant smile. Only, those were not wrinkles. They were but a patchwork of love.

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