A difficult childbirth, a foreign country with no family. That is how our parenthood journey began. All nights when I soothed my colicky baby, it was my husband who stood there with me late till morning came; everyday when he came back from a high pressure job, he took over everything- dinner, baby, errands and pushed me to relax. He played with our baby, cleaned her, bathed her- effortlessly slipping into the role of a doting dad. Office, shopping, household chores-he looked after everything. He was tired, but all he saw was my tiredness and selflessly, gently made my life smoother, easier each day; without complaint. Now our baby is 11 months and a cheerful, happy kid, all thanks to my husband as he continues his role cheerfully. Adoring his daughter is another thing he does beautifully 🙂

I have loved my husband for so long that I had forgotten the reasons for my love-that he is so caring, so kind and so giving. Embarking on this journey together has made me fall in love with him, again.