The Fight

“Dani, tell your mom, its been a long time since I had scrambled eggs”, said her father at the breakfast table, winking at her.

“Mom, Dad says its been…”, started Dani.
“Dani, tell your dad this is not a restaurant, he has to eat what he gets, even if it is a boiled egg.”, pat came her mom’s reply as she clonked her own plate onto the table and sat down.
“Dad, mom says this is not…”, Dani said.
“Dani, let your mom know I realised that this is not a restaurant years ago, because the food there is so much better.”, her Dad winking at her again.
” Mom, Dad says he knows…”, Dani said suppressing a giggle.
Her Mom glared at her and then at her dad.
Dani started sending a text to her best friend, her fingers deftly typing,
” Mom and Dad are at war again.”
” Haha, what fun! The reason?”, came the reply promptly.
“Dad, what did you do this time?”, she whispered into her father’s ears.
“Wet towel in bed, dear”, he smiled,whispering back.
She giggled and typed into the phone.
“Stop whispering and finish your breakfast and go off to office and school. I do not know what I will do with you two”, her mom said, glaring again at her dad.”Both kids, both impossible”.

Finishing breakfast, as they made towards the door, Dani’s father said, ” Dani, tell your mom, I love boiled eggs as well”
“And tell your Dad next time he leaves a wet towel in bed, I will go off to your Grandmom’s and never come back”.
“Now, now, we dont want that to happen”, said her dad as he stooped down to kiss his wife goodbye.
As they walked up to the car, her mom called out from behind, a hint of a smile on her face,
“Tell your dad I will make him his precious scrambled eggs at breakfast tomorrow”.
As they got into the car, Dani typed a text to her best friend again.
“I wish someday, I have a marriage like theirs”.

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