A Balance Called Life

It is always the eyes that you notice first in a person.
That was what he noticed about her.
Her eyes, the pain in them hidden by a conjured up calm- false and fake.
A woman who had put up a fight with grief, but alas, had not won.

He was no stranger to pain himself. He had lost his wife a year ago but thanks to this support group,these meetings, his pain was numbing, still there, but he could now go days without letting himself feel it.

As they now sat in a circle, the coordinator asked the new member, the one with the calm eyes to share her story.

A loss of a young child, the aftermath – a broken marriage, a dissipation of love. That was her story, which she told with a detachment that surprised him.

Later, on their way out, he stopped her.

“You should have let them flow”, he said accusingly.
“What?”, she questioned, a defiance laced with anger
“Tears. This is what these meetings are for. So that you release the grief that is gnawing your very soul.”
“Its difficult, I have been grieving for too long and too alone”, she answered, all defiance gone from her voice,
“Sometimes, only grief can counter grief”, he said as he walked away.


“I do”, the vows taken, they kissed each other.
He looked at her, her eyes were devoid of the pain he had seen hidden in her eyes in their first meeting two years ago, in its place was a brightness that had only grown as they had come closer.
She smiled at him. He had been right, grief indeed had countered grief, love rising from the ashes of sorrow they had buried together in those meetings.
A little girl ran up to them. His child, now hers too.
A balance called life.
This time, her tears flowed easily as she bent down to hug the little girl.

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