The Park and The Girl

As she lay on her fluffy pink bed, she felt happy, content, even a bit ecstatic. She had gone to the big park today. She had plucked flowers, zoomed down on the slide, hopped onto a see-saw. But it was the swing she had loved the most. She could still hear the creaking sound of it, she could still feel the sun and the breeze kissing her cheeks as she had whooshed to and fro. She had made a friend too. A girl who had come up to her and on being prompted by her mom, passed on two shiny marbles to her. Ah, she loved the park, the freedom, the glee, the joy, the friendships that she could make.

She let her eyes wander around the room- the huge soft, cuddly teddy bear, the huge collection of marbles in a gold rimmed jar, her favorite storybook, a big pile of rainbow colored dresses. The ceiling had a soft glow of a thousand tiny sparkly stars. She was one lucky girl, which is why she might make it to the park again. She smiled at the thought.

The last thing she saw before drifting off to sleep was her loving father coming in with a warm blanket.

Her father placed a torn rag over her as he looked around, wondering what she was smiling about. His eyes fell on a ragged old teddy bear with an arm missing, a torn magazine and two pieces of rags that were hers.

‘This kid’s got an over- imaginative mind, I’d better give her a beating tomorrow before she goes out to beg, just to make sure she looks desolate enough’, he thought as he came out of the makeshift tent under the bridge.

A thousand tiny sparkly stars pinned to the gaping hole in the tent looked down upon the girl; the moon suddenly glided its way inside and two marbles half hidden in a corner reflected a kaleidoscope of colors.

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