The New Girl

He threaded his way through cubicles,which looked as tired and worn as their owners, making his way to the water cooler.
“Did you see the new girl in accounts”, a colleague whose name he did not remember stopped him. ” Over there, near the water cooler, quite a looker, that one”. The colleague paused and let out a disappointed sigh.He obviously realized how out of his league the looker was.
“Married and blinkers on, my man, blinkers on”. He smiled and tried to look as disappointed as the other.

There she was, filling an oversized bottle with water. As he approached, she straightened and he saw the eyes first. Layers and layers of green, flecks of gold embellished in them. They owner of the mesmerizing eyes smiled at him. A perfect face, a perfect smile; his heart skipped a beat.
” Hey, I m Renu, just joined the Accounts team today”.
A few seconds passed.
“I m Punit, from IT” , he managed to say, finally finding his voice”. ” Welcome to the madhouse”.
“Thank you, I love madhouses”, she smiled shyly.
Was he staring at her? Suddenly realizing he was, he fumbled with the cap of his bottle and bent over to fill it.
‘So how has been your first day so far’, trying to strike a conversation before she said goodbye. He did not want her to leave.
“Induction today, Mr. Sharma has been explaining the organization structure”
“Have a coffee with me, I will tell you all about it rather than listening to Sharma.” He blurted out before he could stop himself.
“Just kidding, it is just that his voice is worse than the drone of a thousand bees”, he redeemed himself.
She laughed, and his heart did a somersault. Her laughter had just smeared all colors of the rainbow in his being.
He had to leave. He did not want to.
“Let me know if you need anything. My extension is 3404.”
“I will, thank you. Was nice meeting you” she smiled a knowing smile, as if she could sense what was going on inside of him.

Later that evening, he got home late from a meeting.
He walked in and saw his wife in the balcony, looking down at the darkness which was splattered with stars –lights from a million homes.
He sneaked up to her and wrapped his arms around her.
“Hey, what are you doing out here? How was your day?” He said gently, taking in her fragrance.
“Good”, she replied. “And how was yours?”
“Well”, he slowly turned her face towards him. “I fell in love.”
The same layers of green and flecks of gold gazed back at him.
“Again”, he finished.
They both broke into laughter and fell into each others arms as the stars above and below haloed them.

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