My Roaming Soul

A maverick I am, a soul that roams
in distant lands, where lives my heart
all the while, as my body goes through
the motions of monotony.

Away it flies, my soul of course,
to shadowy castles, and there it meets
the handsome Mr. Darcy, so aloof is he!
Despite which it falls in love, madly, surely.
All the while, as my body goes through
the motions of monotony.

Or sometimes, it turns into a knight(ess!)
saving a prince from a dragon oh so scary!
Brave exploits sorted, it delves deep
into a mystery while sipping some tea
like our dear old Miss Marple.
All the while, as my body goes through
the motions of monotony.

My free soul, you I fail to hold
Escape, you always do, to lands so far!

The Afternoons of My Childhood

The warmth, the belonging
of the afternoons of my childhood
keep me cozy on cold nights still.
The whirring fan that toiled during those afternoon siestas, in my childhood home
did cool me, always, but failed,
to shoo away the warmth
of family, of friendships, of love.
For that warmth, I still hold close
and draw limitless strength.
Ah, they still hold me captive
those afternoons of my childhood.


The clouds fascinate, hold me in their spell
The stories they tell, the shapes they take
Folding my dreams in their tresses

The worlds they have travelled
The things they have seen
So many stories they hold,
So fragile, yet so strong.

N for Nervous

Your first day in school,
I stood beside the little you,
And you brushed me away,
Oh! how I loved you then!

When you looked into her eyes,
Weaving words dripped with love,
I was within you,
goading you to ignore me.

When you sat at that interview,
I muted myself for you,
So that you could grab the first rung,
of that fabled ladder.

At meetings, on stages,
in sport matches,
In love and in life,
as you quieted me down
We both won, each time.

For I was on your side,
as I always have been.


This a summer afternoon,
under the whirring fan I sit,
with a query for the sun rays
that slice through the blinds.
Aren’t you tired of shining
as I am of trying, I ask.

The rays dim, introspecting,
oh, lighting up all else
is a task not easy, sigh they.
But we do rest each night
when the moon takes over.

I move closer to the rays,
into their embrace ,
me they take
whispering as they do,
sometimes we all need
a respite, a break
that much we deserve,
as do you, yes,you do.

A Common Friend

The lone cloud whispers
is loneliness your friend, asks he.
Yes, I mutter, a friend she is
in dark nights, in solemn days
when my heart cries,
when the soul screams,
she holds me tight.

Smiles and sighs the cloud,
she is my friend too, says he.
For when world thinks
the vast sky is mine,
how could I want more,
an illusion that is.
My empty heart still longs
for a friend to say mine
and there she is,
holding me tight.

The Butterfly

Today I saw a butterfly
Flower to flower it hopped
surely singing a tune with
not a care in the world.

Simple are its needs
the sunny skies
and flowers
are all it desires.

Closer it came to me, and
the tune I heard more clearly
a melody that said
Just be like me.